Five Different Ways to Borrow Money

Many ways exist to borrow money. If you are strapped for cash, here are five different ways to borrow money. Cash flow is a typical problem in many households. But sometimes the need for money becomes a little more demanding. The car may need repairs, a utility comes up late, a medical need may arise, or any emergency of any kind can crop up.

Immediate Needs

Taking a second job or putting in overtime may be a long-term solution, but if the need is pressing, that is not going to cut it. Anxiety over the cash need can cause sleepless nights or lack of focus on daytime activities. So, naturally, you begin to wonder where you can get the cash you need. The obvious answer is getting a loan. Then the question is: Where? Consider one or a combination of these five different ways to borrow money.

ONE: Family or Friends

A friend or family member is not going to run a credit check on you. And they may not charge interest, though it would be nice to offer. Do not be timid, if your friend or family member seems to be doing okay financially, pluck up your courage and ask. It may not be a comfortable thing at first, but if you write everything down — payments expected and when, interest, if any, and a final payment date. Sign it. Doing these will make you and your friendly lender feel better about the situation. Do not default on such a loan, you do not want bad blood getting figured into what was once a wonderful relationship.

TWO: Employer

Tenure at a job with an understanding boss, could very well get you the money you need to get through a financially tight time. Allow the boss to take payments out of your future paychecks. Offer interest. Of express your desire to get the loan paid off in a couple of pay periods. Again, draw up and sign an informal contract.

THREE: Pawn Shop

A stigma is usually associated with dealing with a pawn shop, but that is silly. These are a perfectly legal and safe way to get cash when you are in a pinch. If you have something of value, call a pawn shop and see if they accept such items as security on your loan. The interest rate will be somewhat high to redeem your property, and the turn-around time may be quick, but this is a perfectly acceptable way to get your hands on cash fast.

FOUR: Payday Loans

During these tough financial times, payday or cash advance loans have become popular and there are many lenders in the market. Many can be found online. If you have a steady income and can prove it with pay stubs, you should be able to land a loan up to $1500. These lenders usually ask for your post-dated checks to repay the loan.

FIVE: Personal Loans

These loans are called unsecured because they are not reliant on any valuable collateral. Only your signature is required. Repayment terms are somewhat more flexible than payday loans. These too can be had with limited documentation and funds can be in your bank account within 24 hours.

Funds for Anxiety

So, do not toss and turn at night or have your boss wondering where your mind is during the work day. Relieve your anxiety by researching these five ways to borrow money.

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